I Don’t Feel Like Marketing

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You must market your brand daily…

So, I was listening to the Scissor Sisters on Spotify, driving home and taking calls from prospective clients, and “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’” comes up on shuffle. And it came to me, the perfect idea for a blog on the importance of constantly working toward your goals in this digitally-connected world we live in.

The title of my blog is, “I Don’t Feel Like Marketing,” and I can truthfully tell you, I’ve been there, too! Some days, the creative bug just doesn’t want to bite, and you’re lazy AF. Who’s with me? I can smell the wood burning in those brains of yours and see those lips curl. Admit it… That’s completely normal, but, marketing is a must and strategy planning neverstops. Sorry.


Marketing is a 24/7 job, even if you don’t have the means to hire an agency to run a strategy for your company. The show must go on, and marketing demands don’t discriminate.

So, why is marketing so important, anyway? Here’s a breakdown…

By creating an airtight marketing strategy for your business, it can help in assuring that your products/services are fully developed, and that they meet the needs of your target audience — which, in turn translate into customers and clients.

Developing said airtight marketing strategy doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes research, time management and a lot of commitment.

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Are you hustling to keep your brand afloat?


Without clients bringing you a steady revenue stream, your business is dead. That’s just a cold, hard fact. In order to attract and retain a hefty list of clientele, your brand, your team, and you yourself, must thoroughly understand the importance of a strong marketing strategy. Strangers on the net are more likely to choose your competitors because of their social media presence, because they’re solving for: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.

Truthfully, smaller and medium-sized businesses just don’t place importance on the power of marketing and what it can do to increase their visibility and secure revenue streams. They all-too-often see marketing as a chore or just another expense, and don’t do anything about it. Let me be clear, marketing is very, very different from advertising and sales. Very different.

So, let’s recap for a moment… Your competitors — the ones actually getting business in your market — are solving for 6 things:

Who — describes the business within a snackable statement

What — the items or services offered to the public

Where — the location of the company

When — their hours of operation

Why — why they started their company; mission statement

How — how they’re going to deliver to their customers


Building your brand from the ground up is no easy feat, but it’s crucial for any business, and the marketing strategy is the foundation to structure first. Consider asking additional questions to assist you and your team in building an iron-clad strategy:

  1. Why am I going into business?

Once you flush out the answers to the questions listed above, your strategy will come to you more easily. Then, you will be set to create a stellar content calendar, and share concise posts across all social media profiles, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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