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Image for “The Craft: Legacy” provided by NY Times

As I sit here, attempting to conjure the words to write this movie review, I’m also conjuring my past and what it felt like to be a kid in the 1990s, when the OG “The Craft” was very much alive…

I have “Give It” on repeat, by Betta Lemme, and I’m looking for answers on a proverbial Ouija Board, allowing my soul to experience all the feels a closeted kid may have once felt not so long ago. Yes, I was relatively straight edge, pretty tight-lipped and followed all the rules. My parents assured my fate was sealed when we moved from Ridgefield Park to Ridgewood, New Jersey in the late-80s. I was classically trained in music and most of my friends were white. …


Joseph A. Federico

Founder of Anchors To Dusk Publishing, LLC. Social Media Guru. Writing Coach. Publisher. #JoeFederico; #AnchorsPublishing; #AnchorsMedia; #HistoryGorgeous

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